Pool Renovations

Want to put new life in your backyard area?

Bring your pool back to being a valuable part of your family’s leisure time at home with a Tropical pool renovation. An updated pool can add great value to both your home and home life!

Introduce a new beauty to your outdoor life

With a full upgrade – including new liner, coping, stairs, lighting and high-efficiency equipment – you'll be creating a source of beauty and happiness right in your own backyard. Today's improved equipment will mean a great improvement on your utilities bill too!

Spillover spa for the full experience

Nothing says tropical resort like a hot tub spa connected to your inground pool. It sets the scene for luxury relaxation.

Hot Tubs

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We offer a great range of hot tubs and swim spas which we can integrate into your backyard pool area, as well as customize any hardscaping around it.

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Walk-in stairs for a beautiful and practical update

Older-style pools with their climb-in-backwards ladders made entry and exit difficult for older adults and kids alike. An upgrade of 4-8 ft. wide steps increase the ease of use for everyone and add a premium look to the whole pool.

Structural improvements can translate to real savings

Improved utilities

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