Hot Tubs

Rejuvenating for body and mind – a pleasure as a solitary getaway, a special time with a loved one, or the favourite spot at parties, hot tubs and spa pools are a treasure of great benefits!

Top year-round outdoor activity

While enjoying a starry summer night, watching an autumn football game on tv or experiencing the unique pleasure of a snowy day from warm, steaming water – there are as many ways to enjoy your hot tub as there are days in the year!

A great selection in shapes and sizes

With more than a dozen forms available, there’s a hot tub or swim spa that will feel perfect for you. We’ll make it easy to choose from the sizes, shapes and features available to get the best addition to your outdoor space.

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The spa experience, right outside your door

With soothing warm water, massaging jets adjustable to your preference and the scents and sights to soothe the mind, the outdoor spa pool is a therapeutic haven at home.

State-of-the-art electronics deliver all the fun.

Features for your convenience and comfort.

With the technologies available today, keeping your pool clean and operating efficiently is easier than ever!

  • Self cleaning

    Jets and filtering system work together to fully clean the water every few minutes.

  • Energy efficiency

    Heat generated by the pumps are kept in the system while cooler outside air is kept out.

  • Salt water

    A more natural type of water sanitization, it can also be lower maintenance and cost as well.

All your hot tub needs

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