Installation Process

As we all know, building an inground pool is not a simple process. From design to liner install, it takes careful planning, patience and know how to do it successfully. Over the next ten steps we'll briefly explain the complete process, so that as a consumer you are better prepared for what's involved in your inground pool project. Let's get started!

Step 1: Design

In all cases, we do recommend that if at all possible you work with an experienced landscape designer or architect to plan the design for your new backyard living space. This will paint a clear picture for you of where your pool will be situated in the yard and how the overall picture will look upon completion. In addition, it makes it much easier to coordinate between pool builder and associated trades to complete your yard. At this point, even if you do your own design work and layout, it is very important to consider the elevation that the pool will be set at, as this can impact the entire project.

Step 2: Permit

Once your design has been established you need to submit the plan to your local municipality to obtain the proper permit for your yard. Once approved, you can move forward.

Step 3: Dig Day

Once your permit has been granted, a dig day will be established to begin the construction of your new pool. Dig day is the loudest and most hectic day of construction, but a well organized crew can usually complete this process within one day given the weather conditions and access to your yard. On this same day your swimming pool kit containing all contents of your pool will be delivered and stored on site in your garage or yard.

Step 4: Pool Assembly & Rough Concrete Coat

Once the hole is dug and completed, we proceed into installing the walls of the pool and adding our a-frame supports. In this step, we also install a layer of concrete over the bottom of the pool and a complete ring of concrete around the perimeter, as well we fill son tubes placed every 6' around the perimeter of the pool for further deck support.

Step 5: Plumbing & Electrical

Once the pool walls are set we begin installing the pool lights,plumbing and neccessary grounding. Once complete all underground plumbing is pressure tested to ensure that there are no leaks.

Step 6: Back Fill

Once all the underground work is complete we begin the backfill process. We believe the best product for this is 3/4 clear gravel because it helps with drainage around and away from the pool. The gravel is filled around the entire perimeter of the pool to all necessary levels, and compacted along the way at different intervals.

Step 7: Pool Bottom Grout

Once the pool is completely backfilled we begin the grouting process for the bottom of the pool. The grout is a Portland cement and sand mix that is installed over the concrete to provide the liner a smooth place to rest on.

Step 8: Forming,Coping, & Concrete Pour

Once the grout is complete we install the pool coping around the perimeter of the pool followed by the forms for the concrete . In most cases we allow for a 3/4" drop from coping to concrete form to allow sufficient drainage away from the pool. The forms will follow the exact shape of the pool at a distance of three feet from the water's edge unless otherwise stated. Once complete we pour the concrete deck.

Step 9: Liner Install

Probably one of the most exciting days of the whole process is the day that the liner is installed. Assuming that the yard is fully fenced and has been inspected and approved we go ahead and install the liner. The pool bottom is cleaned and completely prepared for the 30 mill vinyl liner to be installed over top. Once the liner is fitted in, and in its final place we fill the pool.

Step 10: Final Hookup

Once the pool is full we can now do all of the final plumbing and electrical hookups. If all power and natural gas has been supplied to the equipment, we can do the initial startup and get the pool running so that you and your family can enjoy the pool immediately.

Of course, alongside the professional installation steps, there are also other factors for you to address. You will need:

It takes years to gain the knowledge and experience that's needed to do the job properly, on time and on budget. Tropical Pools has the experience, we're here to help where you need it, and ready to install your inground swimming pool today!

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